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Jay Jay Okocha: Has There Been Any Footballer So Close In Flicks & Tricks?


The streets won’t forget Austin Jay-Jay Okocha and neither will his opponents. The most pleasing footballer to watch, a one-man highlight reel. A player so good they named him twice.

Okocha is the kind of player every team wish they had, a player so good he is impossible to hibernate. He is not from Brazil but he is an embodiment of Joga Bonito with every trick up his sleeves.

Jay-Jay Okocha represents how everyone should play football, an Architect of football. The player kids say they want to be like; carefree and exciting. Unfortunately, he is also the definition of what coaches discourage kids to emulate in academies today. All we seen now are system players making simple passes and forward runs. No more trickery, no more infinite step-overs. It is this unpredictability and showboating that fans pay so much money to watch, football that will lift them on their feet and keep them in awe.

With Okocha, free kick became penalties, ask Kanemi who was rooted to the spot at the 2004 AFCON, he will tell you it lives rent free in his head. Football became magic at the feet of Okocha, goalkeeper were afraid of him especially after what he did to Oliver Kahn.

His trickery, carefreeness, showboating, poetic touch, and magnet-like ball control was unmatched. Okocha the Magician, Okocha the Scientist, Okocha the Artist, Okocha the King.


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