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Jurgen Klopp accused of ‘patronising’ Scott Parker during Liverpool’s demolition of Bournemouth – Fans Reaction


Jurgen Klopp has been criticised for his actions during Liverpool’s huge win over Bournemouth, with fans claiming he patronised Scott Parker.

It was a good ending to a tough week for Klopp, following on from his side’s loss to rivals Manchester United, which left them without a win from their first three league games.

The German, who is still sure his side should have beaten their rivals, saw several of his players criticised for that loss had to admit that he may have misjudged his transfer strategy.

Things were looking far better for him on Saturday, as his team absolutely demolished the visitors to Anfield, levelling the record for the biggest win in Premier League history, and might have broken it if not for Mohamed Salah’s quite unbelievable miss.

However, some fans have criticised the former Borussia Dortmund manager for putting his arm around his opposition manager, Parker, claiming it was patronising.

“How patronising of Klopp to give Parker a hug at the end of the match! A handshake, and a word or two, was all that was needed. Not a ‘comforting’ cuddle,” one fan added.

“People saying that Klopp putting arm around Parker was a good thing! Total opposite for me, found it very patronising. It’s professional football ffs,” another said.

“If it had been 0-0 with Bournemouth defending in numbers Klopp would have criticised them mercilessly after the game. However, he’ll love Parker for trying to play an open game and he’ll tell him what a great job he’s doing. Klopp is so transparent and pathetic,” another replied.

“Exactly what I thought. Suspect Parker would have been more fuming with this than the result. He should have been doing that to Salah after his open goal attempt,” said another.

As with many of these things, there’s always two sides to the story, and many fans actually felt that Klopp’s actions showed he was being sympathetic and showing compassion towards the former Fulham boss.

“Patronising how? He feels for him, he’s a young manger, Klopp has been there, I thought it was nice,” one said.

“Showing compassion. Your confused what’s patronising. Klopp sat down most of second half and didn’t do any fist pumps at end, showed respect,” another opined.

A third said, “I hate Liverpool but got 100% respect for Klopp, he’s a great coach and guy. Parker knows he got thrashed by an elite team, and Klopp reassured him, encouraged him to pick his team up for next game. Its sport – it happens.”

Some feel there is an agenda against the German, with one comment saying, “*Klopp breathes* – ‘Klopp worst person ever,'” and another questioning, “Why does everything Klopp do get slated?”

Speaking after the match, Klopp certainly opened up on his sympathy for Parker, but not because of the loss but due to the Cherries’ lack of transfers this summer.

“He didn’t moan, or whatever, about the situation,” Klopp said of his meeting after the match with the former midfielder.

“But when you look at the other two teams that went up and you look what they spend and you look at Bournemouth and say, ‘OK, what will happen there?’ It’s not about the squad is not strong enough, or whatever, not at all, it’s just the league is a really tough one – a really tough one – especially in a club like Bournemouth you need backing from everybody because it will be difficult.”


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